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Want to save bandwidth? Want to remotely host your images for use on social media sites like Facebook? Hosting your images elsewhere can come in handy.

A completely free media hosting service where you can host your images and share photos and videos. Can resize images and provide the appropriate HTML or forum code so you can paste it straight in and get your image to display.

Upload your photos to share with social networks and other online communities. Gallery of popular photos from the previous days. Many hosted photos are amusing and useful to grab if you are looking for funny things to share.

No registration needed for image upload. Choose to maintain the size or to have it resized in several pre-determined sizes such as Avatars and thumbnails etc. If you need it for a forum then you are provided with ready formatted forum code for easy pasting into your posts/signatures.

With Tinypic you can upload and share images or videos without setting up an account. Share them on eBay, forums, Myspace, Facebook, blogs - wherever you like really.

No sign-up necessary. Just browse your hard drive for the file you want to upload and you are then shown your image with the URL you need to link to.

File extensions allowed: png, jpg/jpeg, gif and bmp
File size limit: 2560KB (2.5MB)