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Running a poll on your website is a great way to interact with your visitors, create some fun and find out some useful information. These free poll services make this job easy.

Simple to set up poll for your website. Also offer a paid version that removes advertising.

Pollcode make it easy to create a poll for your website. Just type your question and choose up to 30 answers. You then simply post some HTML code into your website.

Free and easy to set up poll service for your website.

Each account allows up to 15 different polls with up to 20 answers for each.

Sign up, set your question and answers then paste the resulting HTML onto your website.

Easy to setup polls that plug straight into your website. Just add HTML or Javascript to your page. The benefit of using their JS version is you can make changes by logging into your account and your website will reflect this instantly.

Easy to sign up with a multitude of different poll designs to choose from. As well as mult-choice polls they offer an interesting yes/no answer poll.

Vorbeo allow you to create a poll with up to 20 answers. You can also customize the colours and the size (in pixels).

Create unlimited polls (with unlimited answers) for your website. Auto display the answers after submission or opt to keep them hidden from your visitors. Also allows multi-answer polls and drop down list selection.

Set a time limit on your poll and also download the results for later analysis.

Polls can be created with up to 10 answers. Just hit submit and you are presented with some code to place on your website.